Security and Nonproliferation

   The website section  Security and Nonproliferation covers a wide range of interrelated issues regarding weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and means of  their delivery. In particular, given the huge impact of nuclear weapons on the state of global and national security, materials of this section deal with the problems of the international nonproliferation regime of WMD and means of their delivery, crucial issues of nuclear disarmament and humanitarian aspects of their possible applications. The attention is also given to the problems of chemical and biological security. Considering the historic role that Ukraine played in preserving and strengthening the international nuclear nonproliferation by abandoning its nuclear weapons and given the security situation that our country is currently in, the section covers materials reflecting the complex issues of the possible role of nuclear weapons in ensuring national security. Due to the sharp increase of the terrorism threat worldwide and in Ukraine much attention is paid to combating nuclear terrorism (nuclear security) and terrorism using chemical, biological and radioactive materials. Taking into account that the international export control regimes are an effective tool to ensure global nonproliferation of WMD and means of their delivery, the relevant section has a link to a special section of the web site - Export control.

   Based on the foregoing, section Security and Nonproliferation includes but not limited to the following subsections:

Nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament
Countering nuclear terrorism (nuclear security)
The role and place of Ukraine in the nuclear nonproliferation
Chemical and biological threats, WMD terrorism
Countering the proliferation of means of WMD disseminating
Export control

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