This section includes the issues of international nuclear nonproliferation (NN) regime which is based on the NPT. The problems of maintaining and strengthening the NPT, legal and "soft" tools for providing international NN regime are covered here as well. A great attention in this section is paid to international efforts and initiatives to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in the world up to its total ban.

  •  The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and other relevant international agreements and instruments, the problems of preserving and strengthening the NPT
  • National legislation on Ukraine's international obligations in this area
  • "A world without nuclear weapons",  international initiatives to ban nuclear weapons
  • Other


2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit


2016 Nuclear Security Summit Communique


2010 Communique of the Washington Nuclear Security Summit


The Hague Nuclear Security Summit Communique


The Nuclear Security Summit Process


Budapest Memorandum


Treaty on the Non-Proliferatoinof Nuclear Weapons

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