Handbook on Customs Clearance and Customs Control of Dual-Use Goods

   The Handbook was designed as a comprehensive guide, offering detailed insights into the intricacies of customs operations, regulations, and specific procedures prevalent in Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova. It stands as a valuable resource, elucidating the nuances and distinctive features of customs practices within the GUAM member states.

   The Annexes to the Handbook serve as a reference point, and delineate countries' unique customs landscape, encompassing import and export protocols, tariff structures, documentation requisites, risk management systems, liability for violations, national control lists, and relevant peculiarities of transporting dual-use goods. Focusing on the nuances of each country's export control framework, it offers valuable insights into the regulations, licensing requirements, and compliance measures governing the export of strategic goods within the region. Each participating country's export control system is comprehensively designed to enforce international agreements, prevent the illicit transfer of sensitive goods, and uphold national security interests while facilitating legitimate trade.

   The project was made possible through the financing of the Science and Technology Center of Ukraine (STCU). You can access the publication here download




















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